Bye Bye Abuja?

In the summer of 2018 I was dangerously close to saying Goodbye to Abuja for GOOD. I’d had enough. Strobrie was just at 1.0 (still working out of the home kitchen) but I had already put in so much work into it, at that point I knew I hadn’t even scratched the surface which was frustrating becasue I was already exhausted (in any way a person could be but mostly mentally). I just wanted it all to end. Read More

Writing my old Friend..

You blink and the last post you wrote was in January… of LAST year. You’ve thought about writing every single day since then but life comes at you hard. When I started this blog I was just fresh out of college with no idea what path I would take. I thought I had it figured out… BOY was I wrong! I’d be happy to let you know that since my writing days I am somewhat running what i’d call a successful business,or at least its getting there. This business in which I had to sacrifice a whole lot (a lot of which I think was myself) Read More

My first Solo trip

So here it was, the trip I had been dreaming of. The day had come and I was more anxious than excited, I had the sense that I was going somewhere but no one was expecting me. No one would be there to say “hey Good job you made it!” and then id flip my hair and say “yeah it was no sweat at all” I was on my own. SOLO. Read More

How far will I go?

On more than one occasion I have been referred to as Moana, I don’t know if it’s because of my hair, my statue or because I sing a lot but whatever the reason I have come to accept it because who wouldn’t want to be a kick ass human like Moana? This January I decided to channel my Inner Moana and head off into the world on my own for what I hoped would be the best adventure of my life and it definitely was. Read More

Push and Start Up

Coming home to Nigeria took me by surprise. I had a plan… 1. Get home 2. Start up a pastry company 3. Live happily ever after! Did I really think it’d be that easy? Of course not, I was ready to pull my sleeves up and do the work but then no one told me it’d be almost impossible. I mean step one was easy, pack up my whole life and move away from the people I loved dearly? Yep total piece of cake.

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10 things not in a book of poem


I recently messaged an Ex-Boyfriend about a book of poems I borrowed from a friend which ended up with him. I would have loved to get and return it myself seeing as the book was signed by the author making it more special but since I’m thousands of miles away from them there was no way that was happening. I asked VERY NICELY if he could just send it as a parcel to her and a full two weeks later I followed up if he was able to and he replied “Well no I wasn’t sorry. It’s a really good read. I realized a lot of things I never quite understood about you in the past”. I laughed. Read More

Somewhere in the Middle

Now that I am ready to share this blog with readers I have come up with two possible scenarios that could happen:

1. You could hate it. Tell me I’m wasting my time. Not get my jokes. Not understand why I am being so open with my feelings, after all it´s 2017 and feelings just aren’t in (it’s the year we would rather share how amazing our life is, share that new trendy place we finally got to try rather than show a glimpse of what we are struggling with.  Heck I’m guilty of this.)

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9 Lessons I Learnt in Pastry school

It’s been a year since my first month at pastry school and it seems like it was in another life, not because it was so long ago but because so much has changed since then.Saying goodbye to my closest friends, running back to the safety that is home, starting my own business, getting and leaving my first job… it’s been a whirlwind of emotional challenges for me but I think a few lessons I picked up along the way made a huge difference.

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I was born to write

All my life I have always considered myself as someone who was born to write. Did it matter that the last time I wrote something was in my fourth year in high school? Nope.

Whenever someone asked me if I write I’d nod my head yeah! With the guilt eating me up, thinking of that one story I wrote in high school. Read More

Don’t Stop

The first time you try to do something new, you are most likely to fail.

Even if someone wrote down the detailed steps for you to follow, there’s still a big chance you’d screw it up because you are winging it, making tiny decisions as you go, unsure of yourself and what you are doing.

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