Don’t Stop

The first time you try to do something new, you are most likely to fail.

Even if someone wrote down the detailed steps for you to follow, there’s still a big chance you’d screw it up because you are winging it, making tiny decisions as you go, unsure of yourself and what you are doing.

The second time you try, you might have better luck, maybe even nail it and it comes out perfectly – you are super proud of yourself and you think you’ve got, but you really don’t. – You give it another go and you’ll do something different and mess it up again! So then comes the fourth time. The fourth time is when things will really come together: you get more confident, you’ve done this before, you know what decisions to make and what stupid things to definitely not do and it won’t be dumb luck when you actually succeed.

So don’t stop on the first try. Imagine what results you’ll get if you do it a fifth, sixth, seventh time? And by the hundredth time? I’m sure you’d have mastered it.