10 things not in a book of poem


I recently messaged an Ex-Boyfriend about a book of poems I borrowed from a friend which ended up with him. I would have loved to get and return it myself seeing as the book was signed by the author making it more special but since I’m thousands of miles away from them there was no way that was happening. I asked VERY NICELY if he could just send it as a parcel to her and a full two weeks later I followed up if he was able to and he replied “Well no I wasn’t sorry. It’s a really good read. I realized a lot of things I never quite understood about you in the past”. I laughed.

If he didn’t understand me after two years of being with me then he sure as hell isn’t going to get anything from a book of poems. So dear readers if you want to know more about me then please read this and not a book of poems.

1. I think up bad stuff all the time. Terrible accidents that could happen to me or the people I love. That way if they happen in my mind then they won’t happen in real life. Crazy! But so far, it’s been working. I think it has something to do with one of my horoscope sign Aries being one of the three death signs.

2. I say one of because sometimes I’m ARIES and sometimes I’m Taurus. Apparently, the horoscope people can’t get their shit together long enough to decide what sign April 20th falls on. So, if I come across a horoscope article I read both and just decide which one applies to me.

3. I believe in the universe giving me signs. Like if I’m working on a recipe and it calls for 100g of butter and I just happen to have exactly 101g left then I think to myself “Yep. That is exactly what I am meant to be doing.”, or how the name of the person I currently like just keep popping literally everywhere. It could be that I’m just noticing and keeping an eye out but when I happen to grab a book at random and the main characters name is the same or when every TV show this season just decided that they all have a character with same name and when suddenly there’s a musician topping the charts on Spotify with same said name even though I had never even heard a song of his then yep it’s a sign.

4. I hate being scolded. Obviously, no one likes getting scolded but I mean even a tiny bit over something small. Maybe it’s because I’m so sensitive and getting scolded usually means that I let someone down which ends up making me feel guilty.

5. Same goes with disappointing people. If I disappoint someone when I could have easily done right by them then I feel like I cheated them. I do my best to so I don’t end up feeling bad and regretting my actions, even if it’s as simple as someone ordering a cake. I told you I’ll give you this for a price so I’m sure as hell going to make sure you get it. That also means that I hold people at a high expectation, please don’t disappoint me.

6. I’m a happy Person. I am generally an all smiles kind of girl but when I get pissed you do NOT want to be in my way.

7. I’d rather talk to people one on one than in a group. I get overwhelm with trying to connect with everyone and it drains me. Talking to just one person at a times mean I get to focus and it makes for a better conversation.

8. I am an over thinker! And you saying don’t think too much isn’t going to magically make all the thoughts in my head disappear. If I don’t analyze every little detail what on earth am I going to write about?

9. If I could do one chore for the rest of my life it would be washing dishes.

10. I could only think up 9.