How far will I go?

On more than one occasion I have been referred to as Moana, I don’t know if it’s because of my hair, my statue or because I sing a lot but whatever the reason I have come to accept it because who wouldn’t want to be a kick ass human like Moana? This January I decided to channel my Inner Moana and head off into the world on my own for what I hoped would be the best adventure of my life and it definitely was. I borrowed some of her courage and needed to find out how far I could go, if I would stop myself out of anxiety or fear but it turned out to be not as scary as I thought it would. Granted the faith of the world and my people wasn’t on my shoulders but it sure felt like it. Solo travelling is something that had always been on my mind, the feeling that I needed to go and see the world on my own but I never actually made the plan to do so. This first trip was not planned whatsoever and it happened just out of nowhere, spontaneous and even scarier because I dint have nearly enough time to talk myself out of it or in my case think myself out of it. This trip started when my mom and I decided visiting my sister in Berlin was a great idea, it was December and work was out for her so we thought why not? I think the main reason I was excited was the boots and jacket part of it all, I had been dreaming about the new boots I’d get to wear for months. Now travelling with family is great but its also very limiting, the two weeks in Berlin was spent going to Christmas markets, supermarkets, spending time in my sister’s brand new shop (more on this later) and actually shopping a few times. Yes fun like I said but it didn’t feel like a great adventure and I sure as hell wasn’t ready to ditch my family during the holidays. Berlin was also way too cold to explore like I would have loved to, I started to dread the weather and was already over the whole boots and jacket thing all I wanted was the hot Abuja sun. On one of the days we were at my sister’s shop I met a gentleman caller of hers (LOL) and we got to talking about travel and Europe, where we had been and where we wanted to go. Somehow during the conversation he mentioned that tickets to Barcelona where ridiculously cheap at the moment and I could get them for only 50 Euros / 22,750 NGN / 3100 PHP, skeptical I pulled out my phone to check and low and behold I was seeing tickets for those prices. Without missing a beat I decided I was going, anyone who wanted to tag along could come but if no one could then I was still going. I had my mind made up but I still had to test the waters to see if mama would try and stop me. I slipped it into the conversation and the first question she asked was YOU ARE GOING ALONE?! , I told her that my sister might tag along but chances are that yes I would be ALONE. I guess these are perks to growing older that I have heard about because she didn’t try and stop me and that was the moment the whole world open up for me. If I could survive going to Barcelona on my own then she would see how responsible I am and that would be the beginning of many adventures. I wish I could say that I immediately booked the ticket because I was so brave and sure of myself but after finding out that my sister really couldn’t go with me I began to question my trip. Should I go? What will I do there? I don’t know anyone there what if I go and end up hating it and cry like a little baby in the middle of the street who would comfort me? All very important questions. My siblings were not making it easier on me, they said to just wait until we could go together and that it’d be more fun but there was no changing my mind, I was ready. It felt like if I didn’t do it now I would never do it again or it would be a while, so with one of my eyes closed I booked my ticket. I did a research over different hostels, compared them until I found the perfect one this time with my other eyes closed I clicked book. No going back now. Having been saving up for a potential trip made it a lot easier, the whole year I had to stop myself from spending on things I wanted like a really nice new phone that I knew would have broken the bank. People say all the time that they want to travel and explore the world but at the same time they pick buying things over saving for the trip which makes it impossible when the opportunity actually arises. So that’s lesson one dear readers, you want to travel? Save up and you will be able to, it doesn’t matter if you start with the small places it just matters that you take the first one especially if you want to go at it alone and I’m glad I did because I figured out how far I could go. I’m trying not to make my posts super long but after booking my trip there was a lot more uncertainty and anxiety that came with actually travelling solo so check out my next post where I actually do get on the plane and find out that there’s so much more to it once you get past the fear!

Love, Jojo