Writing my old Friend..

You blink and the last post you wrote was in January… of LAST year. You’ve thought about writing every single day since then but life comes at you hard. When I started this blog I was just fresh out of college with no idea what path I would take. I thought I had it figured out… BOY was I wrong! I’d be happy to let you know that since my writing days I am somewhat running what i’d call a successful business,or at least its getting there. This business in which I had to sacrifice a whole lot (a lot of which I think was myself) to get to this point we are at. MY BABY, strobrie. MY BRIAN CHILD. MY DAY JOB. MY CREATIVE OUTLET. MY ENEMY. MY SOURCE OF INCOME. MY PRIDE. MY CRAZY PROJECT. MY CURRENT LIFESWORK. MY TIME CONSUMER. MY LOVE, Basically its a love hate relationship we have going, but still we keep going. I realize that since the beginning of said relationship I have had to give up a lot, one of which is sadly writing. This has been especially hard becasue there has been so much going on in my head that I wish I could put down but my mentally energy was reserved for all things strobrie (Do we still have sugar? I think we are out of sugar. I should buy some sugar but wait what if there’s still sugar? then I would just waste my time getting more) yep very important thoughts. You’d even think up hilarious things that you could share and you even know how you’d go about writing it but you get home at 7pm and sitting in front of the laptop just seems like more stress and you’ve definitely had enough of it for that day. So then all the little stories become bigger stories and day after day they begin to connect, and as the lessons become clearer the more you even want to share it but the will to do so becomes less and less.. and just like that its almost two years later. I’ve always just said to myself, you’d get to the point where things aren’t so crazy, when you are more settled down and have a system with strobrie to the point where you’ll have time to do other things. Has the time come? Is it ever going to come? Honestly every time I think i’m so close I find out that either a) There’s a flaw in the system and the whole thing is on shaky knees b) The land you are on has actually been sold and you have three months to uproot find a new place and basically recreate your system or c) people want cake and they’ll pay you to bake it but not to write. Oops maybe its all of the above! So here’s to redefining my relationship with strobrie, I love you but I think its time we started looking at other options.

p.s I drank a cup of coffee today while testing out our new coffee machine at strobrie (Did I mention we now serve coffee?) Maybe that’s were all this energy is coming from. I hope not.

12:30 AM 9/8/2019

p.p.s I might have to say no to Sunday Brunch becasue of strobrie 3.0

p.p.p.s I like Sunday Brunch 😦


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