Bye Bye Abuja?

In the summer of 2018 I was dangerously close to saying Goodbye to Abuja for GOOD. I’d had enough. Strobrie was just at 1.0 (still working out of the home kitchen) but I had already put in so much work into it, at that point I knew I hadn’t even scratched the surface which was frustrating becasue I was already exhausted (in any way a person could be but mostly mentally). I just wanted it all to end. I was tired of having to be ahead of everything all the time, making sure everything got done, tired of the all planning, the work, the late nights and early mornings, the responsibility, the anxiety of screwing up, basically the business life. I wanted to just sit back relax and live what I thought was a normal 20 somethings life. A 9-5 job was my answer yet again, a job far away from Abuja back into the world, IT? PASTRY? No idea. Anything to get me far away to almost no responsibility, I just couldn’t continue like that. So I ran. I went on a trip with the intention of not returning. I told almost everyone that Strobrie was closing down (to get more experience in the real world before coming back to reopen strobrie) and it was such a relieve because it made sense and I felt like I could breathe again. The thing is I never actually planned to stay long in Abuja, the plan was a year, two at most and that year was rounding up. The way I saw it I was right on track with my plan. It wasn’t quitting, it was just time to move on to the next thing. So It was awesome when I got an opportunity to try out how it would be in a real kitchen for two weeks, this was what I wanted and I had finally gotten it. The first week passed and I loved it, I had my hours someone else was taking all the responsibility, someone else was doing all the hard thinking and all I  needed to be were simply a pair of hands that was told what to do. More physical then mental, I could definitely work with this and its like I had room in my head for so much more. Remembering it I felt like I laughed more, smiled more and just enjoyed the day more. Obviously I was on a trip somewhere new and that could have been a factor but for the first time in months I could finally just slow down and live life, take lots of photos for Instagram… you know curate my feed.. Lol.. but more importantly connect with people and just take things slowly. How could I ever want to go back to the stress that was Strobrie? The way I saw it going back to Abuja meant going back to strobrie and that felt like the wrong choice. So I was moving forward. The second week was when things began to get tedious. It became a worse routine with the same task daily, except it was just physical and that left my brain idle most of the time. It took two weeks to miss what I had back in Abuja, but a week to want it back. I Started to get excited and  inspired on how I could get to Strobrie 2.0 and just like that the planning restarted. All it took was a little break and I started to find my way back, ready to retake on all the challenges. I loved it after all, isn’t that all the matter? I lost sight of the journey and so I packed my bags and came home to stay.

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