More than just wanderlust

I feel like crying right now because I finally finally know who I want to be, and the best part is I know it will finally satisfy my soul and there’s nothing in the world that can hold me back – or is there?

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Why I quit my first job after just a month.

To tell you the story of how it ended, I have to take you back to the beginning, to how it started.

I had just come back to Nigeria from the Philippines and I was excited to start up Strobrie (My very own patisserie). I was doing the best I could, trying out recipes from baking school, messing them up of course and trying again with not as terrible results. I set up my Instagram and website and I was trying to get the word out there. “Hey! Buy yummy desserts from me. Support my dreams, get a pack of cookies and keep me in business.” PLEASE?

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Creamy Disaster

It’s one thing baking in a kitchen with a professional chef always there to save your ass when you screw up and it’s another thing to be entirely responsible for your own kitchen and have no one to look to when you screw up, say that toffee sauce you swear you made perfectly that one time in class. Read More

This Mixed Naija Girl

So I was talking to my mom the other day while she was working on her blog and, a little jealous, I said, “Mama, I’m going to start blogging, too.” Like the ever supporting mother she is, she got even more excited than I was, already thinking of ideas of what I could talk about and how to go about it. She made me see that yes I do have a billion things to talk about and instead of telling only her, I could share it with everyone who is interested and at the same time fall in love with writing all over again. Read More